Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome To The Verizon Wireless Panther Blog Zone

Welcome to the Verizon Wireless Panther Blog Zone, the newest addition to our coverage of UWM Athletics.

Not unlike many other blogs that are springing up on sports websites across the country, we’ll use this blog to go beyond the news, results and recaps we regularly post on our main website,

The “we” includes me, as in sports information director Kevin O’Connor, along with assistants Kevin Conway and Chris Zills. We split up many of the sport responsibilities in our office, so eventually you will probably notice some trends in who posts blog entries about different sports. But, we’ll all make contributions as we see fit.

We’ll also look to build other regular features. As some of you many know, Kate Megna of the women’s soccer team has started her second year of “Megna’s Memoirs,” a blog we have previously been posting on We’ll add this as a special blog to this page, and keep our eyes open for other opportunities to create new content.

We’ll also use the blog to take you on the road with our various sports teams, as we regularly travel with our squads. And, who knows what else we might come up with. Honestly, this will be a work in progress as we move along, but we’re confident it will be a good addition to the constant flow of information we try to provide.

So, be sure to keep checking back to the Verizon Wireless Panther Blog Zone for regular updates – probably even something later today.