Monday, September 15, 2008

Megna's Memoirs - Road Trip to New Mexico

Note: This entry will be much longer, covering a lot of outside of game activities. - KM

Travel Day: Sept. 11th

Last weekend was our first real road trip—across town to Marquette doesn’t count so much. We had to be packed and ready to leave Englemann Locker room by 6:30 a.m. Now let me tell you, we are not the most cheery team that early in the morning. So, it was quiet ride to the airport.

Our flight took off and we were assigned seats alphabetically, which places me next to our head coach Mike. Now a little background on Mike: He is a health fanatic, no meat, no sugar, no fried food, no carbonated food, nothing artificial—organic. Naturally, it affects what we can eat, so no fried food, no soda, no candy. So the flight attendant comes over the loud speaker, “Our complimentary drink service will be coming around shortly.” For the past three years on flights, Mike and I have been seat buddies, and I have been ordering tomato juice because of it... Read More

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