Monday, September 22, 2008

Megna's Memoirs - Heading to Minnesota

Thursday the 18th - Heading to Minnesota

We left Milwaukee on Thursday around 10:30 am and headed for Minnesota. After New Mexico last weekend, we were disappointed with our results, and this weekend in Minnesota will be a great opportunity to get back into the national rankings. 

The bus ride went quickly--five hours straight through. Most people slept or tried to get their homework done. Before we knew it, we were at our hotel, checked in and headed back to training. 

Minnesota’s field is off campus, so it doesn’t have that feel that Englemann does, but is good quality and we got a good training in. We, of course, ended with the finishing game I talked about last weekend. The keepers said we could only make five goals this time. After three rounds, the keepers will be getting smoothies and we will be playing this game again... Read More

Kate Megna is a junior on the women’s soccer team and writes a weekly blog post recapping the previous week’s women’s soccer action. To read previous blog posts visit Megna’s Memoirs.