Tuesday, June 25, 2013

U.S. Futsal national team

The U.S. Futsal national team made some headlines earlier this month when it won a tournament in England ...

So why am I writing about that here, you ask?

Well, click on the LINK and you will see the news and also a familiar name to the UWM men's soccer program...

Volunteer Goalkeeper Coach Mark Litton serves as the team's goalkeeper coach. Congrats to Mark!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MLB Draft Starts Later This Week

The Milwaukee baseball team recently wrapped up the 2013 campaign, but if the past two years are any indication, there will certainly be at least one more press release coming...

The Major League Baseball Draft gets underway Thursday. And, with that, the Panthers look to add to their impressive streak. Over the past two MLB drafts, UWM has seen four of its players get selected, including the first multi-pick draft in 2012 when three players were tabbed by big league clubs.

Last year, Jordan Guth (Philadelphia Phillies; ninth round), Eric Semmelhack (Milwaukee Brewers; 12th round) and Paul Hoenecke (Los Angeles Dodgers; 24th round) were all selected. The season prior, Chad Pierce was drafted by the Brewers in the 38th round, giving Milwaukee more draftees in that time period than any other Horizon League school.

The team again has a few players who could be among those selected in 2013. Leading the way is redshirt sophomore Josh Uhen, who I have seen projected as high as a second-round pick.

Here is the LINK to the MLB Draft Preview of Wisconsin, by the Perfect Game website, which features Uhen.

I decided to do some research, to see just who the highest draft choice in Horizon League history was. According to what I found, here is the list of players taken in the first 10 rounds (please email me any additions if I missed anyone!).

1. Brad Hennessey, Youngstown State, 2001 First Round, #21 by the San Francisco Giants
2. Jason Henry, UIC, 1984 Second Round, #84 by the NY Yankees
3. Curtis Granderson, UIC, 2002 Third Round, #80 by the Detroit Tigers
4. Joe Smith, Wright State, 2006 Third Round, #94 by the NY Mets
5. Justin Thomas, Youngstown State, 2005 Fourth Round, #113 by the Seattle Mariners
6. Jeremy Hamilton, Wright State, 2008 Fifth Round, #166 by the Philadelphia Phillies
7. Pat Neshek, Butler, 2002 Sixth Round, #182 by the Minnesota Twins
8. Justin Parker, Wright State, 2008 Sixth Round, #198 by the Arizona Diamondbacks
9. Kyle Gaedele, Valparaiso, 2011 Sixth Round, #203 by the San Diego Padres
10. Jordan Guth, Milwaukee, 2012 Ninth Round, #308 by the Philadelphia Phillies