Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Update: Coach Chris Whalley

UWM men's soccer coach Chris Whalley checks in with some more thoughts on the World Cup:

On the USA: "I am really excited for the USA. Great way for the game to end and that they definitely deserved the victory. By far and away the better team - Algeria’s goalkeeper played fantastic and kept them in it. In the end, they came through and got a goal and that was just great. The USA can go on from there. They have a good shot at the bracket if they can beat Ghana, they just need to take it one game at a time."

On England:
"As an Englishman, pleased with their result. Played very well on the day and missed some chances, really similar to the U.S. Didn’t get a goal in such dramatic fashion, but definitely deserved to win. After seeing Germany play, I am confident England can go through as well."

On the overall way the World Cup has gone: "A lot of the big, so-called powers in soccer are struggling – obviously Italy has gone out, France has gone out. Exciting to see smaller nations – the non-soccer nations – coming through. It’s good for world soccer in general. I think the coverage has been great. I am really pleased with all of the games and being live. It’s great for soccer in the states. Great to see the USA go through and hopefully they can both wrestle away some wins. Maybe beat Ghana, take it one step further and go from there. It’s been a great World Cup so far."