Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Thoughts - David Nikolic

Games have been very tactical in nature with many of the teams being more conservative. The transition play and the goals off of set pieces have played a role already. For example, the goal off the break from South Africa to get the tie and the goal off the corner kick by Italy proved to be keys for each team getting the tie and 1 point.

The South American teams have done well. Uruguay, Chile,Argentina look very good. Brazil is still in a different class even if people are upset that they are not "exciting" enough. Their group is still the toughest though.

Happy for the USA. They played well and were opportunistic to get the goal. Dempsey's goal only continues to prove the point that you cannot score unless you shoot. I hope that Howard will be healthy enough and was very impressed (probably one of the first times ever) with Michael Bradley. He did some great stuff.

Germany put on a quality performance and nobody complained about the ball from their team. Well disciplined and organized. Great goals too.

Serbia and Greece disappointed so far. And for Serbia it only gets harder with Germany next. They need 3 points.

Looking forward to the France vs. Mexico game this afternoon.