Friday, June 4, 2010

Baseball In The News

The Panther baseball team has been waiting all week for today to arrive, as finally UWM will begin play in the NCAA Tournament. Tonight's game against Arizona State starts at about 9 p.m. central time.

Chris Zills is with the team in Arizona. You can find all of his postseason information here.

I will also note that our unofficial Arizona State correspondent/spy - Daron Sutton - did stop by Panther practice yesterday and told me by phone everyone looked rested, ready and confident. While he does work for both us and ASU, I'm pretty sure we have him on our side. He will be at his day job this weekend - the Diamondbacks are at home - but I know he'll be keeping a close eye on things and seeing if he can't squeeze in a few innings.

Meanwhile, back here is Milwaukee, we've enjoyed reading the wide range of coverage on the Panthers. While I won't claim this is a complete list, I've put together some links to some of the articles and online video available.

Jim Lundstrom (who, by the way, works in the SID office!) is featured in the Northwest Indiana Times here.

Colin Fly from the Milwaukee AP branch also checks in with a feature here. You'll probably find this popping up in a number of spots around the country.

There has been other coverage throughout the week in the Journal Sentinel, but here is today's weekend preview from Tom Enlund.

Here is a video preview from the Arizona State perspective. You can find plenty of other Sun Devil info on the site, too.

You can find some additional perspective from the Sheboygan Press here.

Here is something focusing on Dan Bucholz from the Racine Journal Times.

Finally a couple of regional previews, one from Yahoo! Sports and one from Baseball America.