Thursday, October 16, 2008

More On The GSR

The NCAA made public the latest set of Graduation Success Rate figures earlier this week, and there was plenty in it UWM can be proud of.

First, if you want more of an overview on the GSR, check out an NCAA News article about it here.

Meanwhile, if you missed the summary of local numbers, you can read the article in the Journal Sentinel here.

But at UWM, the overall athletics graduation success rate over the latest period included sits at 81 percent. If you actually go back and include nearly 10 years of athletics - with student-athletes entering from 1992-93 through 2001-02 - UWM's graduation rate for student-athletes is 93 percent.

Much of the focus of these academic numbers nationally tends to shift toward football and men's basketball. Well, the trend line for UWM's men's basketball graduation rate continues to point up. In fact, the GSR for men's basketball is 82 percent. But, when you look only at the most recent class in the stats - those entering in 2001-02 - the men's basketball GSR at UWM is 100. And, knowing a large number of men's basketball student-athletes that entered after 2001-02 have already gone on to graduate, it is safe to say that UWM's men's basketball GSR should remain at a solid level.