Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Megna's Memoirs - Cleveland and Youngstown

Oct. 10th – Racking up the goals

We had another long road trip this weekend, heading to Cleveland State and then to Youngstown State. We had a nice eight-hour bus ride on Thursday, which can take a toll on the body. When movies, homework, reading and any other activity become boring we attempt to sleep on our two seats that, put together, are about four feet long and two feet wide. Maybe this is comfortable for the shorties, Kreuser and Canada, but not so much for those around average height on the team and taller.

Anyways, we played CSU the next evening. You would think we would be slow to start after the long bus trip but 20 minutes into the game we were up 4-0. It started 13 minutes in, when Kayla Dejardin played a ball from the corner of their left 18 yard box, tipped the bottom of the cross bar and into the goal over the goalie’s head, 1-0. Next was a goal was scored by Canada (Keara Thompson), a ball came across the top of the box, Canada ran onto it finishing it lower left corner, 2-0. Read More.

Kate Megna is a junior on the women’s soccer team and writes a weekly blog post recapping the previous week’s women’s soccer action. To read previous blog posts visit Megna’s Memoirs.