Monday, August 29, 2011

FACT: Sarah Hagen owns Friday...

After seeing Sarah Hagen score two goals on each of the first two Fridays of the 2011 season, I got to thinking... "Doesn't she score a lot of goals on Friday?"

It turns out, there is something to that.

Hagen has played in 34 career games on Friday.
- She has two goals in each of the two Friday games this season (@ Michigan State, v. Long Beach State.

- She has scored 39 goals and assisted 11 assists on Fridays (72 goals, 18 assists total)

- She has at least one point in 29 Friday games

- Including both games this season, she has notched two-or-more goals in a game 12 times on Friday, including one hat trick.

On the other hand, she does have one 3-goal and two 4-goal games on Sundays...

I'll get back to you.