Monday, January 18, 2010

On the road with the UWM swim team ... Final Blog

Well, the trip is over and the UWM swim team will be back in action this Saturday at the University of Chicago... Hope you enjoyed the team blogs.

The final entry comes from head coach Erica Janssen:

The final full day of training in Florida ended up being the best day of the entire trip. The team was able to to get in a great workout in the morning and a great set of Animal Kicks at the night workout. The staff pushed the team to its limits during the morning with a full two hour swim workout, plus an hour of incredibly tough dryland.

Even though the weather was already hot
and humid, the team pushed through the workout with great adversity.

Today we were very lucky to have the most beautiful day of weather on the
trip. It was in the high 70's, which allowed for some fun on the beach after
morning practice. Some people chose to lay on the beach and take a nap
while working on their tans, others chose to be more active, hence the many
games of beach football and frisbee being played.

The waves were also the
largest we have seen on the trip so many swimmers, including the staff, ventured out to bodysurf some of the larger sets. With the ocean being extremely active today, we had many jellyfish and man-o-war stings througout the team, but well worth the pain for the thrill of riding a great wave.

Overall, we had a very successful training trip to Florida this year. Training in a warm environment away from home allows the team to forget the pain they are enduring every day during their 5+ hours of training. The importance of team bonding on a trip like this is vital for the upcoming part of our season. With only three dual meets left and then the conference
championships, we will need to be a team, in every aspect, more than ever.

This training trip has allowed us to develop great relationships and a
stronger team bond in a beautiful location with everlasting memories.