Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Guy - Big Star

Well if this keeps up, we may need to add another blog that is simply all James Eayrs all the time.

No complaints here for all of the attention big James is receiving both locally and nationally, though. National TV followed by a 22-point, 12-rebound outburst will certainly provide a big boost, and that has made James the center of attention in PantherLand for now.

Channels 4 and 12 were out at practice today both working on their features on big James. The feature on 12 with Andy Kendeigh is scheduled to air tonight (Tuesday) at 10, while the feature on 4 with Rod Burks should air Wednesday at 10. Both may re-air, as well. Rod also tells me he found a station up in North Dakota that has some additional footage of big James before his UWM days.

Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure, James is prominently featured in the game story in the Journal Sentinel following Monday's win over SIUE. Andrew Wagner also has a feature on James on OnMilwaukee.com.

Then nationally, ESPN.com has a brief item on big James and one of his many newfound nicknames. Finally, I talked to Seth Davis of CBS and Sports Illustrated over the weekend after big James got some national exposure and he has an item about him in the latter portions of his weekly column.

On the nickname front, the suggestions continue to grow. Big Lumber got a lot of play on ESPNU Friday night ... that was actually the idea of producer Greg Logan, and then Dave Kaplan and Jim Chones ran with it. Then there is the "Sweet Baby James" reference from Charles Gardner this morning, too. And, as you have probably noted here and in the live blogs, I tend to just call him big James, as does Rob and the coaching staff - though admittedly that is not very unique. There have been many other ideas and suggestions, as well, and I am very interested to see what nickname sticks.