Thursday, January 28, 2016

Women's Basketball Returns To Time Warner Cable

The Milwaukee women's basketball team is back at home and back on Time Warner Cable. Fans can catch not only Thursday's game against Detroit live on TV, but also this week's Kyle Rechlicz Show. The coach's show will directly lead up to Thursday's game, where UWM will look for its sixth-straight win.

Here's the complete schedule for Thursday's coach's show, game and when it will be re-broadcast:

Show Air Times
Thursday 1/28 - 6:30pm (precedes LIVE Detroit game telecast)
Thursday 1/28 - 10:00pm
Friday 1/29 - 9:30am (precedes Detroit game re-broadcast)
Saturday 1/30 - 1:30am (precedes Detroit game re-broadcast)
Saturday 1/30 - 3:30pm (precedes Detroit game re-broadcast)

Game vs Detroit Air Times
Thursday 1/28 - 7:00pm (LIVE)
Friday 1/29 - 10:00am (re-broadcast)
Saturday 1/30 - 2:00am (re-broadcast)
Saturday 1/30 - 4:00pm (re-broadcast)
Sunday 1/31 - 11:30am (re-broadcast)