Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fun In The Sun: Part IV

With the UWM swimming team down in Florida on their annual training trip, we thought it would be fun to have a member of the team share their thoughts each day on the UWM Blog.

The Panthers are in sunny Fort Lauderdale, training at Pine Crest Academy, both short and long course.They will be on the trip through the 16th of January before resuming the regular season schedule second semester against IUPUI on Jan. 17.

Saturday's entry comes from sophomore swimmer Nic Halverson:

Saturday, January 11th
Today we started out the day by practice, of course. It was an hour in the weight room then an hour in the pool for the guys. For the girls it was an hour in the pool then and hour lift. In the weight room we did a circuit two times though that worked all of our muscles. In the pool we did and hour of aerobic recovery. It was the first day that was super nice outside. The sun was out and there were no clouds. Once we got back to the hotel, many people went straight to the beach. It was nice to get in the ocean to cool off from the sun. Once the sun faded behind the tall buildings, many people went inside - most people had sunburn after the long day of sun. We then went to our second practice which was pain train. It was good to do that set at night so the sun wasn’t beating down on us. Everybody successfully made it through the pain train. After that many people had plans to do something that night since we didn’t have practice the next day.