Monday, April 1, 2013

Why follow The Black & Gold Network On Twitter...

This week, to drum up followers for our newest Twitter account--@BGN1956--we are giving away some used men's basketball gear. Every day this week, and an extra time after we reach 100 followers, we will give away one item.

Here's what we got... three used jerseys, two shooting shirts and a warmup suit. None are available to purchase, so this is your only chance.

Monday, we will ask you to retweet the the link that brought you here. At the end of the day, we will select a winner and give away our first item.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will have Panther trivia questions. The first right answer wins.

Friday... well, we'll think of something special for Friday.

Now, reasons why you should follow @BGN1956?

1. It's the only Twitter account of The Black & Gold Network. Tweets will go out as soon as the newest video is uploaded. Including game highlights, great plays, interviews and video features.

2. We will link to live video and live audio coverage of Panther Athletics.

3. That's it! We won't clog your timeline with anything else. (Well, with the exception of giveaways during the down seasons... are you okay with that? Great, we knew you'd be cool about it.)