Thursday, December 6, 2012

High Traffic Videos...

At The Black & Gold Network, we look to create, produce or at least post entertaining and exciting videos. As we looked over the numbers, we have found some videos have been appreciated a lot, garnering a good number of views and some "likes" along the way. While there is still some time left in 2012, here are the top-viewed videos of the first half of the 2012-13 school year...

4. Declan Rodriguez's goal at Marquette - 662 views (at the time of this post)
Rodriguez announced his presence with authority, blasting a tremendous shot in his first collegiate game... coming in a crosstown rivalry game, no less. This could be the goal of the year (voting for that will start next month) and at just 12 seconds, it's a video you can watch over and over again.

3. Pol Narbona's buzzer-beater vs. IUPUI - 769 views
Another men's soccer selection, this video is also just a goal, so it lends well to repeated views. Buzzer-beaters in basketball are one thing, but soccer? Not so much. Nonetheless, UWM endured more than its fair share this season on the pitch, and this is one that went the way of the Panthers.

2. Ashley Green forces OT in instant classic vs. Bradley - 973 views
This video was posted TUESDAY NIGHT for crying out loud and is nearing the 1,000-view mark. Ashley Green hit an off-balance three-pointer at the buzzer to force overtime vs. Bradley. Another short and sweet video, this was the highlight of a great game. Milwaukee wins 116-112 in two overtimes, the three caps a career-high 33 points for Green and Emily Decorah's inbounds pass was Hill-to-Laettner-esque.

1. Milwaukee Volleyball Presents "Forget You" - 1,484 views
Volleyball head coach Susie Johnson devised a plan to make a parody video of Cee Lo Green's "Forget You." She enlisted the help of her staff and fellow Panther head coaches, as well as some administrators and support staff to pull off a funny video. The end product was a surprise for the Volleyball team and debuted at the team's Senior Banquet in November. A little longer than the previous three entries, this video demands repeated viewings for a whole different set of reasons.

**Notes: Rodriguez's goal footage is courtesy of a helpful fellow at Marquette ... "Forget You" is a BGN production, but is posted on assistant coach Nikki Klingsporn's YouTube page (it received too many hits early to move it over).