Wednesday, March 31, 2010

McCafferty Trophy Update

The latest Horizon League McCafferty Trophy standings have UWM tied for the top spot and it looks like quite a battle for the Panthers to hang on and win another crown.

Only a few opportunities remain for Milwaukee to add points, while Butler - the school tied with UWM - typically scores points in the spring sports of golf and tennis.

Basically, UWM has two ways remaining to add points - baseball and women's tennis. The Panthers cannot add points through track, as UWM is already credited with the maximum number of points after winning both indoor crowns. The indoor and outdoor championships count as one "sport" for McCafferty purposes, meaning the Panthers could actually lose points by not finishing first in track this spring.

On the men's side, you count two priority sports (among soccer, basketball and baseball) and the next three best finishes among all sports. For UWM, that is full points for track and swim, plus points for cross country and basketball. Then, the Panthers could add points with baseball.

On the women's side, you count three priority sports (among soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball) and the next three highest finishes. For UWM, that's full points for soccer and track plus points for volleyball, swimming and cross country. Again, the Panthers could add points for tennis.

For Butler, which is tied with UWM at 46 points, points in sports like men's or women's tennis and men's or women's golf - all places the Bulldogs usually do well - would likely put the total out of reach.

UWM is also trying to hang on and win another women's all-sports trophy. The Panthers currently have 27 points to 20 for Butler.