Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Milwaukee vs. Michigan State

If you've been following the Milwaukee Women's Soccer team, you already know about the matchup within a matchup in its first round NCAA game. If you haven't been following the team and their NCAA Tournament trip, you really should.'s look at the bracket pegs the UWM/MSU showdown as the best first round game in the Notre Dame regional. The reason? Sarah Hagen vs. Laura Heyboer. Milwaukee's freshman Hagen leads the nation with 24 goals. Michigan State's freshman Heyboer is up there with 19 goals.

One of the two rookie scorers has led the nation in goals for much of the season.

Oh, and Hagen's picture accompanies the story.

Here is a link to Graham Hays' look at the brackets.

There is a second Hays' story on the tourney that was posted. I'll just post this sentence from the story and you can decide if you want to head over there:

"No unseeded team had a stronger case for inclusion in the 16 seeds than Milwaukee."

See that story here